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Have you ever tried throwing a blanket over the carseat carrier or over the stroller/pram to keep that precious baby out of the elements?  Here in England most everyone is used to the harsh cold reality that it’s cold here, it rains here and it’s often times windy.  That’s where Dooky comes in.  Yes..I said Dooky!  They have designed a range of really useful, cute and colourful options for helping keep our little ones nice and cozy and comfortable in their carriers and prams.  I find peace of mind knowing I can help protect my little one with the addition of a Dooky accessory.  My personal favourite is the white and silver stars as its versatile for either a  boy or a girl, but the options are endless.  The Dooky Shade is a great option to keep your baby from having the brutal sun shining directly on their face, and helps keep the wind from blowing into the hood of the pram or buggy.  The thing we love about the Dooky shades and covers are they are easily adjustable and can be fit for more or less coverage and the covers and shades are universal and are easily adapted to ANY stroller, pram, or carseat carrier you are using.  Another great feature is the Dooky accessories are totally machine washable too!  Not only are you creating a nice quiet place your little one can rest while in their carrier or buggy, but you are protecting them with UV protection SPF 40+ and the Dooky accessories will block out wind, light and noise for a cozy snooze.

We love these types of things that make being a parent a little more easier.  Rest assured your little one will be happier with the wind and sun out of their sweet little face.  Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to use the Dooky accessories.  Don’t forget to add the matching Dooky blanket to the ensemble! For a limited time we are offering a sale on our remaining stock of Dooky products and using code DOOKY20 at checkout you can receive 20% off your purchase of any Dooky Carseat/pram accessories!