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Sometime’s you meet some really nice people through unfortunate circumstances.  In this case, I’ve met a really amazing Mum, Maria who is undertaking a huge charity event in the honour of her littlest lady Bessie May.  Bessie was born last year in June, and was born 8 weeks premature, and at birth was diagnosed with some problems that made it so sweet little Bessie couldn’t breath or swallow on her own.  She was born on the 6th of June (her first Birthday was last Saturday),and was kept alive on ventilators while specialists tried hard to determine what was wrong.  She was born a167x187dc39f591-f4f1-4279-ae73-7951abe8bf7dt the John Radcliff Hospital in Oxford.  Unfortunately, even today they still haven’t been able to diagnose what happened with Little Bessie.  When Bessie’s parents were told that the specialists had run all the tests they could, they were faced with the hardest decision that no parent should have to make, and had to decide to take Bessie off her ventilators.  Thankfully the John Radcliff Hospital has a Support for the Sick Newborns and their Parents (SSNAP) organisation to help families get through these tough times.

The Money raised for SSNAP goes towards providing state of the art neonatal equipment, supports the advancement of newborn medical research, provides training for neonatal staff, provides emotional and pratical support for families by funding 2 Family Support Workers and a team of volunteers and furnishes family rooms and quiet areas.  As Bessie May’s first anniversary of her birth and passing, her parents have started the Bessie’s Buddies charity fortnight to raise funds for the SSNAP at John Radcliff.  They have organised daily events from 6 June, to 20 June to help Bessie’s Buddies raise money for the hospital.  At their time of need, Bessie’s family leaned on SSNAP and wa170x1001009489_907c8e47-5ada-4848-9737-0ffcfa36650a_SSNAP-logont to make sure SSNAP is able to provide their much needed support to other families in need.  By supporting Bessie’s Buddies and SSNAP, you are helping other families in need of support during the most difficult of times.  There are a number of events scheduled over the fortnight, such as, balloon release, car washes, sales events, tea party, triathlon, and a raffle to name just a few.

Little Eddie Baby Company is glad we could support Maria, Simon, and Daisy in their efforts with this endeavour.  We have donated a sweet 2 tier nappy cake for the raffle being held on 20 June at their fundraising gala event and gathering.  We hope our contribution towards Bessie’s Buddies SSNAP fundraiser helps the family meet their goals for the John Radcliff Hospital Neonatal unit in Oxford.   If you would like to join Bessie’s Buddies and support this fundraiser you can find the link below.  Please come out and join us in support of Bessie’s Buddies!

Bessie’s Buddies Fundraising Fortnight