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Is it time for a Pajama Party? The weather is starting to warm up. The wild daffodils have bloomed. They say around this area, that when the daffodils crop up it’s a sign of spring. Our’s are starting to wither away but they were sure pretty while they lasted. I think spring reminds me of the upcoming summer sleep overs and visits with family and friends. Let’s pack those over night bags and get going! Maybe It’s too soon to be planning panama parties for my 2 year old, but I like to make his bedtime routine FUN. We have a system down and we don’t deviate from it on […]

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Have you ever tried throwing a blanket over the carseat carrier or over the stroller/pram to keep that precious baby out of the elements?  Here in England most everyone is used to the harsh cold reality that it’s cold here, it rains here and it’s often times windy.  That’s where Dooky comes in.  Yes..I said Dooky!  They have designed a range of really useful, cute and colourful options for helping keep our little ones nice and cozy and comfortable in their carriers and prams.  I find peace of mind knowing I can help protect my little one with the addition of a Dooky accessory.  My personal favourite is the white […]

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We are so excited to be offering a competition for a lucky winner to receive a Pipsy Koala Travel Booster.  We have one for our 2sie and we take it everywhere!  We have brought it along on holidays and normal out and about adventures alike.  The seat is an all in one that folds up and velcros shut in its own carrying case.  This seat is easy to clean and is adjustable to fit a wide range of seating needs.  You will wonder how you ever got on without it.  Pipsy Koala is a brand that prides itself on innovative parenting solutions for those everyday needs and they have a […]

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Little Eddie Baby Co are so excited to be partnering with Buttonflies to bring you yet another wonderful Giveaway competition! We are always striving to bring the best products, and services to our fabulous customers and along our way we run into some pretty great brands and other small business’s. Buttonflies is just that! Buttonflies comes from a sweet young lady named Sophie who created the idea of Buttonflies from her search for the perfect gift. All of Sophie’s creations are handcrafted and are sure to be loved for years. We are proud to be offering in partner with Buttonflies the winner’s choice of either a beautiful buttonfly butterfly or […]

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Let’s Beat the Heat! Summer is great. Let’s admit it..It’s fantastic, but there is that little draw back of wonderful summer weather is that hot sun. We all know that keeping our little ones covered in Sunscreen and keeping them shaded is the best way to protect them from the sun while letting them enjoy the summer days. Take a look at our favourite JULY PROMOTIONS we have in store for you to take out and about on your summer days. Whether on holiday or out in the Garden we have you covered! We have the answer to ALL your summer sun needs for your infants and toddlers as you […]

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Sometime’s you meet some really nice people through unfortunate circumstances.  In this case, I’ve met a really amazing Mum, Maria who is undertaking a huge charity event in the honour of her littlest lady Bessie May.  Bessie was born last year in June, and was born 8 weeks premature, and at birth was diagnosed with some problems that made it so sweet little Bessie couldn’t breath or swallow on her own.  She was born on the 6th of June (her first Birthday was last Saturday),and was kept alive on ventilators while specialists tried hard to determine what was wrong.  She was born at the John Radcliff Hospital in Oxford. […]

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Every bath needs a rubber ducky right? Those fun to play with squeeze toys are great fun for little one’s bath time routines. If you are like most parents, I’m sure your kids bath has some of those very toys. Did you know some bath toys are lurking dangers in your Child’s bath? Any toy that has holes or can take on water can become dangerous as they develop mold over time. My son thinks its fun to play with squeezey toys in his bath. He even has put them in his mouth from time to time. Well I can assure you, NOT anymore he won’t. Once I became aware […]

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There’s a new little baby fad sweeping through Los Angeles and is taking the world by storm. We have seen from one continent to another there is no stopping parents from decking out their cuties in these adorable leather baby moccasins. All my Club MomMe pals are dressing their children in them. At first I was a bit disappointed this kind of thing wasn’t around when MY LITTLE was small and could wear them. Of course Little Eddie Baby wants to have EM! I went on the hunt for a brand I could stand behind and promote as a leading baby moccasin. In my search for these cutsie leather slippers, […]

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Are you a seasoned traveller with little ones? Are you dreading that trip because you know how difficult your child or children can be? Or are you just not taking trips because you have small kiddos? Don’t despair, we have lots of must haves and tips and tricks to traveling with babies and toddlers! If you are a parent of little ones you know what I mean when I say eating out and going to movies are things of the past and are only enjoyed on those odd nights out while you have a sitter. Toddlers especially make going out a chore. If you are like me you feel like […]

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Have you seen a Nappy Cake before (We Americans call them Diaper Cakes!)?  They are adorable right?!  We love them.  They are the hands down, THE best baby gift I’ve ever seen.  New babies are so precious, and expecting Mums are filled with such excitement of the arrival of their new baby.  We all love buying for babies and this gift is the way to go if you want to present a gift that will impress and be the talk of the shower.  We here at Little Eddie Baby Co really take pride in our bespoke Nappy Cake creations.  We know that when they are gifted, they will bring surprise and […]

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There are so many gadgets, gimmicks and items out there for us Mothers’ to sift through.  Granted I am a sucker for these types of things.  Along the way I’ve bought the ridiculous to the ingenious!  As a breastfeeding Mom myself the following is the list of 10 things I wouldn’t have done without during my journey as a breastfeeding Mom.   There is no order of importance as each and every one of the following 10 items are my MUST HAVES. 1. My nursing cover by UDDER COVER was a must for me.  I was always on the go and I had my little one in tow.  I am a […]

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