Every bath needs a rubber ducky right? Those fun to play with squeeze toys are great fun for little one’s bath time routines. If you are like most parents, I’m sure your kids bath has some of those very toys. Did you know some bath toys are lurking dangers in your Child’s bath? Any toy that has holes or can take on water can become dangerous as they develop mold over time. My son thinks its fun to play with squeezey toys in his bath. He even has put them in his mouth from time to time. Well I can assure you, NOT anymore he won’t. Once I became aware […]

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You know us Mommies and Daddies sure spend a lot of $$ on stuff for our kids, or stuff to make our job as parents easier. I have to have spent thousands in less than 2 years on one little guy than I have on myself in that same amount of time. There are those purchases that are the golden purchases and of course those that are silly and mostly a waste..Come on, we’ve all done it!! One of those really great purchases was the Little Tykes Blue car stroller we bought for my son. Yeah by one years old the little stinker was already ANTI-Stroller. Seriously the minute he […]

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Welcome to Little Eddie Baby Company! We are so excited to be here and to be bringing you some amazing Infant and Toddler wear. We also are carrying a range of items for all you Pregnant Moms. As we continue to grow we aim to expand our maternity options. We currently have a fantastic range of Rain Gear from Hatley! The prints are just Darling. As you know, here in England it rains almost ALL THE TIME (says this Californian)! Who could go wrong with a Hatley Rain Gear set of raincoat, matching boots, and umbrella? My toddler is a Hatley Rain Gear fan already and we’ve only lived here […]

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