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Every bath needs a rubber ducky right? Those fun to play with squeeze toys are great fun for little one’s bath time routines. If you are like most parents, I’m sure your kids bath has some of those very toys. Did you know some bath toys are lurking dangers in your Child’s bath? Any toy that has holes or can take on water can become dangerous as they develop mold over time.

My son thinks its fun to play with squeezey toys in his bath. He even has put them in his mouth from time to time. Well I can assure you, NOT anymore he won’t. Once I became aware of this little danger I started checking his toys regularly, and ’m ok with tossing the nasties out in the trash. I’ve yet to find moldy ones until the other day. It was his favourite doggy. Thankfully he didn’t notice me getting rid of his treasured toy. I think we all have watched our little ones in the bath enjoying their favorite toys bobbing around in the water with joy at their enthusiasm. It’s just what could be lurking inside that toy that isn’t as enjoyable. Who would have thought that the bath toy that is sparkly clean on the outside is hiding a whole other slew of bacteria, mold, and yeasts on the inside? It’s like putting a petri dish of mold in the bath with your kids. Gross!

So the other day during my sons bath I noticed his prized dirty dog (little mutt actually has dirt spots that clean off with warm water in the bath) toy looked a bit funny colored. Once I examined it, I thought it might be mold. Sure enough as shown in the pictures here, it was indeed mold. When I saw it, my heart fell. I don’t know how many times my son has put that thing in his mouth. I mean he’s a toddleIMG_2517r. Toddlers eat their toys. It’s not like I’m just learning about this, but I thought I checked his toys enough and was able to stay on top of it. Our toys get cleaned. They sure will get cleaned with vinegar solution more regularly now(I try and stay away from bleach whenever possible). We also now have a new rule in the house. It’s ok to play with rubber toys in your bath, but we aren’t keeping them in the house long. I’ll gladly throw them out and replace them with new toys. Bath toys aren’t that expensive and I’d rather my son enjoy his bath and grow up having fun. I just want to keep him from harmful mold and bacteria and yeast that could cause respiratory problems and other allergies. NO THANKS.

These molds, bacteria’s, and yeasts are not deathly harmful, however, they pose the most problems to those with immune problems and new babies. Unfortunately, these toys are just the perfect breeding ground for germs. Such a shame as I know most kids love playing with these bath toys. As Dr. Lyuba Konopasek, an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weil Cornell Medical Center has said “It’s almost like standing water”. Unfortunately, mold spores are everywhere, and we breathe them every day. However, once a toy has become infested with mold, its recommended by Dr. Konopasek, to throw it out.

There are a few things we do in our house to circumvent having to throw toys out of the bath routine every time we turn around:

IMG_25191. We use a fantastic mesh net toy hammock from Prince Lionheart. We love it. It’s a generous sized net hammock and all my sons toys fit perfectly in it. The suction cups are sturdy and haven’t come lose yet. We love it because the toys can drain and dry and they don’t sit in an enclosed space with stagnant water.
2. We clean his bath toys regularly with a vinegar and water solution. I’ve read you can use a bleach solution as well. I am just not a big fan of having bleach around my children. No thanks!
3. We try and buy toys that don’t have holes in them. We got some great toys at Disneyland this year that are fantastic floaty toys with a small world boat and not one of them can take in water. PERFECT.
4. And last but not least, once I see a toy that has developed mold, it’s gone.

We hope all your bath time rituals are clean and safe for your children. We can’t resist the infamous rubber ducky, but maybe with a little planning and knowledge we can keep it clean inside and out.

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