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IMG_1744Is it time for a Pajama Party? The weather is starting to warm up. The wild daffodils have bloomed. They say around this area, that when the daffodils crop up it’s a sign of spring. Our’s are starting to wither away but they were sure pretty while they lasted. I think spring reminds me of the upcoming summer sleep overs and visits with family and friends. Let’s pack those over night bags and get going! Maybe It’s too soon to be planning panama parties for my 2 year old, but I like to make his bedtime routine FUN. We have a system down and we don’t deviate from it on any night. I hope my little feels like its a bedtime party. I want him to not fight me to get his pjs on and his teeth brushed etc.

We start our nightly routine by taking a bath, and then brushing his teeth. We have a mini massage and get suited up in our fun Hatley PJs. My son’s favourite is his Treasure Island set. He always says ARRG! He loves his Classic Labs too! We read a story and then we lay down and cuddle and watch a little bit of iPad and then we put him in his bed and say good night. He’s well rested. He’s had his Lavender balm from Organic Babies rubbed on and he’s nice and calm from watching a little show on his IPad and cuddling his Mamma. I don’t mind laying down with him to get him ready for bed. Since he’s bigger I miss the cuddles and snuggles I used to get when he was a baby.

He loves picking out his Pajamas, and then he likes picking out his book and his show. He knows how to master that IPad like a champ! It’s amazing how smart they are at this age. They are starting to show their independence. I can’t believe how fast they grow up.

Hatley Pajama’s are wonderful. He enjoys the prints and they are just the right thickness to keep him warm enough but not too hot. With the weather warming up a bit, we’ve stopped using the heating, but he still needs long sleeves. We know as it warms up towards summer we will enjoy the Anchor blue stripe short PJ set. It’s still just a little too early for that! The little girl pajamas are so cute. We love the prints this season for the girls. It makes me wish I had a little girl. The Summer Garden is adorable, and we love the purple in the dragon flies. The Hatley brand is top quality children’s wear. My son gives a beating to his clothes and they keep on giving. They wash well and we love our Hatley products in this house. You can’t go wrong with Hatley.

So whether your little one is heading over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house or maybe getting together with a friend, Or you are heading on a holiday. You can’t go wrong by packing your HatleyHatley Boys Treasure Island PJ set Pajama’s! The kids will love them. They are comfy, and cute. We pack our Hatley! You should too!

Don’t forget, we have about one week left of our competition for a nappy cake and you can enter here: