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There’s a new little baby fad sweeping through Los Angeles and is taking the world by storm. We have seen from one continent to another there is no stopping parents from decking out their cuties in these adorable leather baby moccasins. All my Club MomMe pals are dressing their children in them. At first I was a bit disappointed this kind of thing wasn’t around when MY LITTLE was small and could wear them. Of course Little Eddie Baby wants to have EM! I went on the hunt for a brand I could stand behind and promote as a leading baby moccasin. In my search for these cutsie leather slippers, I found Buffalo and Bear, made in the UK (YA that’s kind of important to me.). These babies are right up there with the American brand I knew. That says it all IN MY BOOK. If it’s not American..I’d prefer it to be British. After all – let’s try and support the local businesses as much as possible. I honestly can’t wait to share these with all my customers.

The Buffalo and Bear baby Moccs are superb quality. The soft leather is luxurious to say the least. AND the best part? They even come in a larger toddler size. little is wearing a pair. He calls them his slips. As I’ve replaced his normal slippers with our new Mocs. I can’t say this enough. He LOVES them. If I give him a choice he wants his soft Caramel Moccasins. I find the best part is that his feet aren’t sweaty like they normally are with regular tennis shoes or his old slippers (yeah, those suckeIMG_2381rs have been tossed out!). He can run around in them, and they aren’t slippy on the wood floor. I was worried about that at first as my little is a runner and a climber. No stopping him. They must be comfortable as soft as they are and that he likes wearing them all the time. Keep his feet from getting a chill and yet keep them cool enough he’s not sweating. MAN where was my Buffalo and Bear baby moccasins when he was a baby? Oh point waisting any time regretting that I didn’t have any when he was a baby, but you can BET I will have a pair for our next baby.

Buffalo and Bear was established by a Mum named Rebecca and her family. They provide a top quality baby and toddler apparel and moccasins. Their unique range rings true of their slogan “All good things are wild and free”. How true when it comes to our children. Children should be wild and free and running with imagination and zeal for the fun things in life. Let’s let the mundane and sharp reality of adulthood get them later. The baby moccasin is a fantastic shoe option for growing feet. They won’t be difficult to move in like some heavier shoes. They won’t hinder movement, and are super easy to get on with an elastic opening that is easy to slip on the foot and yet will stay put on those tiny feet. Buffalo and Bear provide a wonderfully soft and durable leather for their moccasins, in a wide range of colours that will compliment any baby wardrobe. They emboss each sole by hand and no two are alike. How neat is that?? They also provide a high quality AZO free leather and provide them in an ethically sourced cotton dust bag. (We are using our cotton dust bag to hold our threading animals at the moment..the moccasins are being WORN!)

Currently Little Eddie Baby are carrying a beautiful pink hued Mocc called Milkshake, a lovely Caramel, and a to die for suede gray called Mineral. The new colours are going to be added very soon when the new BBuffalo and Bear Milkshakeuffalo and Bear styles hit the market. We can’t wait. We’ve seen a sneak preview of the loveliest blue pair that we sure are going to be carrying. We will also be adding the top quality leggings they design and are screen printed by hand making them just as unique as their Moccasins.

We LOVE our Buffalo and Bear products and we KNOW you will too! Jump on the fashion bandwagon and wrap those baby feet in something trendy and stylish. You won’t regret it.

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