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Let’s Beat the Heat!

Summer is great. Let’s admit it..It’s fantastic, but there is that little draw back of wonderful summer weather is that hot sun. We all know that keeping our little ones covered in Sunscreen and keeping them shaded is the best way to protect them from the sun while letting them enjoy the summer days. Take a look at our favourite JULY PROMOTIONS we have in store for you to take out and about on your summer days. Whether on holiday or out in the Garden we have you covered!

We have the answer to ALL your summer sun needs for your infants and toddlers as you embark on your outdoor adventures this summer. We highly recommend the Organic Babies Suncream. This suncream is a natural answer to providing the sun protection on our little’s delicate skin, especially for those with extra sensitivity to chemicals! The cream offers 97% protection of UVB and overall high protection of UVA sun rays. This suncream is not greasy and provides moisturising and soothing propbanz_baby_blueerties. The great thing about the suncream is it’s water repellent but won’t clog pores.

We’ve also got the cutest and of course protective Baby Banz sunglasses for your infant and toddler eye protection. These nifty little sunglasses are perfect size for your little, and have the silicone nose and brow piece embedded into the glasses for comfort and stability. The best part of the sunglasses isn’t how cute and adorable your baby will look sporting these but that you know it offers 100% protection from UVA/UVB. The glasses will grow with your child as it has an adjustable wrap around neoprene with velcro adjustment that helps keep glasses in place.

Now as you’vkelgar_pinwheel_fane been experiencing we are having some seriously hot days and our babies are delicate and we don’t want them overheating. What better way to keep them cool while out and about then the Kel-Gar Pinwheel buggy fan. This fan is GREAT! It can be used anywhere. The clip is heavy duty and can even be clamped to the cot or bed frame! As suggested this fan is designed to clamp on any stroller/buggy system and has an adjustable neck that will allow for proper positioning of the fan and the cool breeze your babies need. Here is a little secret, this fan is also strong enough and built to stand free on the clamp base and can be used as a portable desk fan! WHOA! How’s that for multi-use!? Not just for the babies is it? I call that a WIN!

Another big WIkelgar_cabanaNNER at Little Eddie Baby this month is the Kel-Gar Sun Stopper Kwik Cabana. Seeing is believing with this little GEM. Honest..if you have a tent are going to want to toss the other one out and buy this one. The ease with which you can put up and take down this tent is AMAZING. I can only say that it’s so impressive, you have to see it to believe it. What a fabulous patented system for tents! Too bad those adult camping tents aren’t able to be erected this easy. Trust me when I say this is the coolest baby gadget/accessory I’ve ever seen and I pride myself on having every gadget and accessory known to Moms! This sweet tent offers 50+ SPF protection from UV rays. The tent boasts see through mesh panels all around the tent for breathability and is compact. The Kel-Gar tent can be used indoors or out and includes a handy carrying case.

Visit to see all our July Summer Promotions for your summer adventures. Don’t forget to watch the video below and see my funny demo of the Kel-Gar Sun Stopper Kwik Cabana! It’s a must see..especially if you want a good laugh and to be amazed at this little miracle tent.