GumiGem Miller Hearts Teething Necklace Malteether


AS SEEN ON DRAGONS DEN!! ¬†Gumigem is an award winning range of jewellery that is designed to look amazing, whilst helping your baby through the teething process.The Gumigem “gems” look like hard stone or Murano glass, but are actually totally safe, non toxic, soft, silicon teethers especially designed for babies to enjoy. ¬†This is Teething in STYLE!

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Product Description

Babies will always be fascinated by jewellery and Gumigem solves the problem of babies grabbing at delicate necklaces but providing a safe, breakaway clasp, so no more sore necks or broken jewellery.The Bubba Bangles are made from 100% silicon and are easy to slip on and off the wrist. Totally satisfying for babies to chew and totally safe too!